There are four cities in the US that have two MLB teams - Chicago, NY, LA & the SF Bay area: CubsSox, YankeesMets, DodgersAngels & GiantsAthletics

It's only 32 minutes from Wrigley Field to Guaranteed Rate Field (aka Sox Park, Cellular Field, The Cell, Comisky, etc.) or vice versa via The CTA's Red Line. Occasionally, there are opportunities to see each Chicago team play on the same day in their own ballpark  – a Crosstown Doubleheader. 

There are many noticeable differences between seeing a game at Wrigley Field or Guaranteed Rate Field; most obvious is crowd size – the Cubs draw double the # of fans at home versus the Sox. Next up is the designated hitter – teams in the American League (White Sox) have a player that takes the place of the pitcher when it’s his turn to hit in the lineup. Purists prefer the National League rule of the pitcher hitting for himself but trends seem to point towards a designated hitter for all of MLB. Then there’s ambiance over comfort; Cubs - ambiance, Sox - comfort.

Since this isn’t a baseball blog, let’s look at the properties available around each field:

For Wrigley Field I chose a 2,000’ X 2,400’ rectangle around the ballpark, approximately equal to 110 acres. A relatively small area on the north side that includes the ballpark and all the Cubs new construction surrounding (offices, hotel, parking, open space, etc.). Here are the boundaries used:

Wrigley area search

For both reports we will look at properties that are under contract, active listings and properties that have sold in the last month. Here we go!

Wrigley Field

Under Contract

  •  (14) Condos Average LP = $422K
  • (1) Single Family List Price = $625K
  • (3) 2-4 Unit Bldgs Average LP = $1.23M

 Active Listings

  • (15) Condos Average LP = $542K
  • (1) Single Family List Price = $1.3M
  • (1) 3-Unit Bldg List Price = $1.915M

 Sold Properties

  • (8) Condos Average SP = $576K

 Total of all properties = 43

Included is an under contract frame 3-flat built in 1893 which could very well meet the wrecking ball for new construction condos or single family and a 3-flat listed for $1.915M with rooftop views into the ballpark.


For Guaranteed Rate Field I chose an area approximately 5,000’ X 4,500’ rectangle around the ballpark, about 517 acres (or almost 5 times the size of the Wrigley Field example). Parking lots, the Illinois Institute of Technology and the expressway make up an enormous percentage of the area. Even with this larger swath, the number of search results for ‘White Sox’ homes was 40% less than for ‘Cubs’ homes.  



Guaranteed Rate Field 

Under Contract 

  • (6) Condos Average LP = $297K
  • (4) Single Family Average LP = $648K
  • (2)  2-Unit Bldgs Average LP = $357K 

Active Listings 

  • (3) Condos Average LP = $338K
  • (5) Single Family Average LP = $787K
  • (3) 2-3 Unit Bldgs Average LP = $519K
  • (1) .4 Acre Land Parcel List Price= $700K 

Sold Properties

  • (1) Condo Sold Price = $320K
  • (3)  Single Family Average SP = $460K
  • (2) 2-3 Unit Bldgs Average SP = $476K

 Total of all properties = 30

Included is a massive, 8,800 square foot mansion on a double lot, built in 2007 and listed at a budget-busting $2.095 M. Five bedrooms, seven baths, four stories, elevator, grand staircase, 3.5 car garage, roof deck & much more. An amazing home for that special Sox fan in your life.

A condo near Guaranteed Rate will come at about a 40% discount to one around Wrigley. The average Active single family list price around Guaranteed Rate is skewed high due to the $2M+ mansion – figure another 40% discount on average around GA Field without the outlier. The biggest discount on the south side would be for 2-4 unit buildings due to higher rents on the north side and unconventional buildings (frame, single family conversions, etc.) around GA Field. 

If you’d like to see the listings used in this report click on the field photos, that will display all the active, under contract and sold properties going back one month in the highlighted area. It's an up-to-the-minute search so listings may have changed since this search was created.

 Happy Opening Day!